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Computing Wisdom Fall Online Programs
Advantages of Taking Part in Computing Wisdom Fall Programs
Be ahead and well prepared for your school curriculum

Our Competitive STEM Program can help students excel in their forthcoming school STEM courses. The topic we cover are much broader and deeper than those found in a typical STEM curriculum. The program will develop students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We also provide students with a solid understanding of STEM concepts and expose them to a variety of challenging STEM problems. Moreover, we teach students how to express their ideas and justify their steps in their writings. In short, our courses provide a curriculum that is necessary for success at math competitions, top universities, and competitive careers.

This is a very advanced and challenging program, much more so than IB Math, Saxon Math, and Singapore Math. Most contestants of the USA Mathematical Olympiad (around 500 each year) studied the books we use in this program.

Be exposed to problem-solving strategies and challenging problems for math competitions

Our Math Olympiad Program can help students prepare for elementary school, middle school, and high school major math competitions such as CML, Math Kangaroo, MOEMS, MATHCOUNTS, AMC 8/10/12, AIME, ARML, and USAMTS.  Many top universities are interested in their applicants’ math competition performances. These Olympiad courses provide intensive training for students to maximize their scores in these math competitions.


Most contestants of the USA Mathematical Olympiad (around 500 each year) studied the books we use in this program.

Be intensively prepared for SHSAT and Standardized Tests

Our Test Prep Program includes SHSAT Math, SAT Math, SAT Math Level 2, and SAT Physics. These courses are not only excellent in preparing for these tests, but also a great refresher for many important topics. And, rather than presenting students merely facts and formulas, we focus on explaining the concepts, methods, approaches, and big ideas. We go over one or more efficient ways to solve each problem, explain test-taking and problem-solving strategies, and how to discipline yourself to maximize your score on each test.

Highlights of our Student Accomplishments
Refer to Student Accomplishments for more info
  • Many students in our programs got accepted into top middle schools, top high schools, and top universities including the Ivy Leagues universities.

  • The Computing Wisdom Seniors math team, composed of four of our students, ranked 4th in New York in the 2022 Purple Comet Math Meet High School Mixed Teams category.

  • The Computing Wisdom Juniors math team, composed of six of our students, ranked 3rd out of 17 teams in New York State in the 2020 Purple Comet Math Meet Middle School Mixed Teams Category.

  • One rising 5th grader has placed 1st nationally in the 2022 Math Kangaroo Level 6 competition and 2021 Math Kangaroo Level 3 competitions. Another rising 6th grader has placed nationally for the past 4 years in the Math Kangaroo competition.

  • Many students in our programs performed very well on the Math Kangaroo, CML & AMC math competitions as well as the Hunter High School Entrance exam, SHSAT, and SAT.

  • Many students in our programs got accepted into top middle schools, top high schools, and top universities.


  • The high school students who took our SAT Math course in Summer 2020 scored an average SAT Math score of 760 out of 800. The high school students who took our SAT Math course in Summer 2019 scored an average SAT Math score of 767.5 out of 800. The students who took our SAT Math course in Fall 2018 scored an average of 775 out of 800 in the SAT Math section and a combined average of at least 1500 out of 1600 in the SAT. One of the students also took the ACT and scored a perfect 36 out of 36 in the math section.


  • Seven students among ten students who took our SHSAT Math and/or SHSAT Advanced Practice courses in the past three years got accepted into specialized high schools. Five of them got accepted into Stuyvesant High School. Four additional students who took other courses from us also got accepted to Stuyvesant High School in 2020. You can score higher if you can do extremely well in one section, say the math section, of the SHSAT, comparing with another person who scored well but not extremely well on both sections. Please watch the video Hack the SHSAT.​​​

Fall 2023 Schedule

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