William is one of the most challenging tutors I have ever had but it pays off in the long run. I was learning college level math that made the math in high school really easy. I took Algebra 2/Trig, SAT Math, Precalculus, and SAT Math 2. All of these courses set me up for success in school because of William’s encouragement. I grew confident in myself as a student and I wasn’t afraid to ask questions. When I didn’t understand a problem after William’s first explanation he was able to explain the problem again in a different way - a skill that some of my teachers lacked. In public school, there was only one way to explain a solution to a problem which made it hard for me to understand since I had so many questions. William made math very enjoyable because he took the time to explain why we have certain rules in math instead of just having me memorize rules. In his class, it was understanding math over memorizing math. I am really glad that I had a tutor like William.

Emily L., student

Algebra 2/Trig, SAT Math, Precalculus, SAT Math Level 2, 2016-2018

Mr. William is one of the most professional tutors I have ever met. Before Computing Wisdom, I joined many tutoring centers throughout Manhattan. But they all lacked a sort of concept: Explaining to the students. Most tutoring centers will use the most traditional method to boost your scores, by drilling. However, if one doesn't understand the topic well enough, it is just a foolhardy journey. The course that I took was the Geometry course. Geometry taught at my school was just by memorizing theorems and postulates. But Mr. William actually took the time to prove said theorems to me making me understand the subject better. It is this sort of step that he takes that other tutors don't that actually makes a difference in our learning experiences. I would recommend this tutor to those out there in search for the best math learning experience.

Roy L., student

Junior Math Olympiad, Geometry, 2018-2019

Mr. William is a sophisticated math tutor, and I've been training with him for almost two years now. His classes have brought me through elementary school and placed me as one of the students with the highest math grades in my classes. Through his training, I had been accepted to NEST+m. He has also helped me get into Hunter College High School with his intense Hunter Test Prep. I have also been accepted to Trinity School, which I will attend next year. I am happy that Mr. William has been backing me up these years, and without him, I won't be who I am now.

Brian L., student

Junior Math Olympiad, Hunter Math Prep, 2017-2018

Mr. William is a teacher that pushes students to the limits of their ability and encourages students to understand the underlying concepts of mathematical ideas rather than having kids memorize formulas. Each of his lessons is always fast-paced and intriguing, where Mr. William truly cares about your understanding of the principles he teaches. Due to his help, I gained admission to Hunter College High School, one of the top schools in New York.

Anonymous student

Primary & Junior Math Olympiads, Hunter Math Prep, 2017-2018

William's lectures are both insightful and challenging. He is unparalleled among math tutors and his lessons are always fast paced and interesting. I highly recommend Computing Wisdom for children who want a leg up in math.

Anonymous student

Senior Math Olympiad, 2017

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