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Computing Wisdom Spring 2024 Programs

Season's Greetings! We hope everyone has a great and healthy holiday and a prosperous New Year! As we approach the conclusion of our Fall 2003 term on Sunday, 02/04/2024. We are excited to unveil our Spring 2024 Term Course Schedule! Continue from where we left off in the Fall, we're offering the subsequent parts of the same course sequences. Explore the schedule below to find your preferred courses and their designated time slots. The Spring Term will run from Monday, 02/05/2024 to Sunday, 06/16/2024, featuring fixed time schedules for regular courses and customized timetables for private tutoring sessions.


This Spring, we're delighted to announce the launch of our online course aimed at helping students ace the AP Calculus Exams. This course has two parts: Part 1 encompasses all topics in the AP Calculus AB Exam, while Part 2 covers the remaining content for the AP Calculus BC Exam. Attaining a score of 3 or higher out of 5 on an AP Calculus Exam may grant students valuable college credits and exemption from taking certain calculus courses, leading to both time and financial savings.


Part 1 is specifically designed for students enrolled in or have completed the AP Calculus AB course, preparing for the AP Calculus AB Exam on May 13, 2024. Parts 1 & 2 together are tailored for students undertaking or having completed the AP Calculus BC course, gearing up for the AP Calculus BC Exam on the same date.

Throughout these sessions, we'll delve into essential concepts, definitions, facts, theorems, formulas, methods, and practice questions crucial for the AP Exams. Students will tackle a full-length AP Calculus AB practice exam in Part 1 and analogous full-length AP Calculus BC practice exam in Part 2. Both assessments will be graded according to official guidelines, offering an evaluation of students' preparedness. Additionally, we'll review students' mistakes following each assessment to further enhance learning.

Spring 2024 Schedule


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